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The training process is a journey of many steps. We are aiming to improve day by day, one step at a time. We don’t want to overhaul your routine too much but instead make small changes that over time add up – marginal gains

Adapting is the key. Very rarely a camp goes exactly as planned. It’s important to assess and make decisions with the end goal in mind, looking at your strength and conditioning from a birds eye view. 

it's all in the process

earn the right

Programs begin with an in-depth assessment looking at sleep, stress, nutrition, hydration and training schedule, before moving into the gym to carry out movement and performance testing. Before executing any movement with weights, you will perfect and own your movement pattern. You must always earn the right to progress.



You can be the best fighter in the world, but if you’re injured you will never get to showcase your quality. Elite Step strength and conditioning programs build strong, robust athletes, ensuring you can handle the stress placed on you by your sport. Tracking data is an essential part of this, enabling us to calculate the optimal times to ease off or alter your program so you can stay fighting fit.



Strength is the base on which the rest of your athletic qualities are built from. A good level of strength underpins your performance.

There's nothing fancy here - we use the basics to get you stronger than you’ve ever been before.



At the top, the athletes that display the highest levels of power repeatedly dominate. Once we have built strength, it is important to transfer it to improve power. We will make you explosive in a 360-degree environment, just as your sport demands. Once developed, your ability to produce that same force over and over again is what will make you a fighter to be feared.



You could argue, that the number of hours you trained or how well you sparred means nothing, as it all comes down to your performance on fight night. Conditioning allows you to display your technical skills for the entirety of the night. You’ve tapered perfectly, ensuring you are at peak physical condition on fight night - now it’s time to show everyone what you're about.

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