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Who is the best athlete in the world?

Whoever said good things don't happen with alcohol haven't done it right. check this out for a beer fueld discussion.

Like all good stories, we were a few beers deep when we spoke about this topic.

I guess it's one of those 'who would win out of Batman and Spiderman' type conversations, but never the less, a good one.

Who is the best athlete in the world? Initally, if I remember rightly, all the usual suspects popped up in our thoughts - Usain Bolt, Phelps, Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Floyd Mayweather. We bascially just named the best in their field.

But sometimes you can be the best at your sport and not necissarily the best athlete, they are two different things.

When we talk about being #1 athelte in the world, we need to firstly define what the markers are. Once you have them, we can see who fits where and overall, who is the best.

We set them out with the markers being:

- Strength

- Power

- Longevity/ Injury free

- Speed

- Agility

- Endurance

If you are very good in all them areas, chances are you will be at a high level of sport. All the guys we mentioned above fit into those catergories.

Another beer later and we were into the depth of the convo and there was some really good points made. After some time, we decided the best athelete in the world was....

*** DRUM ROLL***

Lebron James.

With Cristiano Ronaldo a close second.

Using our criteria above, it's hard to argue.

Lebron James plays in a sport where you have to be powerful, fast, have good agility and do this for 48 minutes. It ticks all the boxes.

When you look at him as an individual he is more than very good at all those markers. He plays a lot of minutes too. Not only that but he has done this for, what, 20 years or something like that. It's crazy!

Ronaldo isn't far off at all. You could probably aruge he should be top and I wouldn't be unhappy with that decision.

But for a beer fueled Reiss, It's Bron.

Round up

Let me know your thoughts on this one and who you would put in your top 3!

Feel free to drop me any questions you have on my Instagram! You can sign up as a member on my site for FREE for video content. Keep an eye for an Elite Performance for combat athletes group coming on Facebook, where you can learn directly from me, get training templates and pick my brains in live Q&A's - all for less than the price of 2 coffees per month. Message me for details.

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