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what to prioritise in a camp - strength or power

If you try to improve everything at once, sometimes the results can be insufficient. Here is a method you can use to accelerate results in camp and your performance in the ring.

Dalton Smith Headlined for the first time in his pro career, at Sheffield Arena, for the coveted British Title.

He put on an absolutely class performance from the first round through to the stoppage in round 6. The most impressive thing for me was his patience in round 1.

There was little thrown but he didn't get anxious or throw for the sake of it. This showed me he was clam and had taken the atmosphere in his stride.

Now, onto camp...

Through this camp, we hadn't lifted too heavy. Sounds strange for a strength coach to say but we didn't.

We worked between ranges of 70-80% of his max during his strength phase. 2 weeks out we did some low rep work and found his rep max's had gone up anyway...

But why didn't we work in the 90% or above ranges, typically linked to maximal strength improvements?

We used a calculation referred to as your Dynamic Strength Index.

(Might be called something else but who really cares. If you are that picky over names of things, you should get a more entertaining life you boring twat).

what is this?

It is a test that shows us how much of your strength tank (maximal strength capability) you are able to utilise. In other words, your power to strength ratio.

How do we calculate this?

Maximal force you can produce by a mid-thigh isometric pull

Countermovement jump score

You take the score of the first and divide it by the second.

This will show you what % of your max force you are able to produce explosively.

If it is 70% or less, then you want to work on increasing this.

If it is 80% or above, then it is probably time to increase the max force you can produce.

S+C in a roundabout way is a game of increasing the tank and then utilising it, on repeat.

This is something you can and should use to improve your performance where you need it and not just for the sake of it.

Of course, utilising this tank is more complicated eg is it the calf muscle over the glutes, does this transfer to technical skills, what tests do we need to do.

But this gives you a nice overview on how we went about camp for the new Birtish Champ.

Round up

Feel free to drop me any questions you have on my Instagram! You can sign up as a member on my site for FREE for video content. Keep an eye for an Elite Performance for combat athletes group coming on Facebook, where you can learn directly from me, get training templates and pick my brains in live Q&A's - all for less than the price of 2 coffees per month. Message me for details.

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