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'If you could only pick 3 exercises in a S&C program, what would they be?'

this is a hard question. Coaches head says it's stupid, there's too many variables but I try to answer below, because who don't like a bit of fun once in a while.

This is one of those questions like who would win out of Batman and The Hulk, or choosing one meal forever, it's too much. But it's also a bit of fun so I've given my answer below and reasons why. I must admit I cheated. Instead of choosing one exercise, I've chosen a method or a piece of equipment, slight cop out but it's my blog so I can do whatever I want.

I've tried to go for what 3 do I think would best prepare a fighter for competition.

1. Trap bar

The Trap Bar is one of my favourite pieces of equipment. The reason I have opted to include it in my 2 is due to its versatility. You can load the Trap Bar really heavy for maximal effort stimulus. You can also do the complete opposite and load it really light, for more speed benefits via jumps.

You can do everything in between. You can add bands. You can develop all qualities along the FVC which makes it a great option for performance. Its an easier exercises to keep technically sound too and mobility restrictions don't effect it.

Zercher or Safety Bar Squats would be a close second.

2. CArry Variations

Again a cop out. I love carries. They feature in all my programs.

There are many benefits for carries, depending on the variation you use. These include core strength, strength endurance, grip strength, forearm strength, shoulder stability (overhead variation) and you can even get a good conditioning stimulus with them.

Some of my most used variations include Suitcase, Farmer walks, Sandbag carries and light Kettlebell overhead carries.

Overall, these are going to have great transfer over to the sport and tick a lot of boxes we'd look to do in camp.

Reactive JUmps

Reactive jumps are key to performance. The ability to produce force in very little time is very sport specific, that's why these have to be in my top 3.

I'd look to things like pogo variations, altitude landing with reactive jump and anything else that is utilising a fast stretch shortening cycle.

Round up

So there you have it. I think I could get an athlete in pretty good shape for a fight using just these e tools. What do you think?

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