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Anthony Joshua v Usyk rematch is this saturday

here is my take on one of the biggest fights of 2022

The big fight is here. AJ v Usyk - but how will it go down?

The first fight was pretty straight forward to be honest. I didn't think at any point during it, that AJ would get the win.

Usyk is elite, like he is pound for pound type of elite. It is ok saying that Joshua has to do x,y and z in this rematch, but he is against a top tier fighter.

'AJ has to just stick it on him'

How many times have you heard that?

Again, this is ok against a good fighter, it might work, but against someone of Usyk's ability, that will result in AJ getting knocked out himself, in my opinion.

I think people forget how good Usyk is.

The whole talk in the lead up to this fight has been about what AJ would have learned from fight number 1 and how he will change things up but again, let's not forget that Usyk would have too.

He would have felt Joshua's power, his size, logged traits that he has, registered common trends and also knows that he can hurt him. I believe Usyk knows he can stop AJ in this fight.

This sounds like I don't believe Joshua stands a chance and to be honest, I don't.

It's boxing so he has a punchers chance of course but how does he do this.

AJ hasn't got the engine to go all out for more than 2-3 rounds. History shows us that. But he has to be aggressive because he can't beat Usyk in a technical way. It has to be a fight; he has to target the body to try and slow Usyk.

I don't think one camp is enough for a new trainer to have a big impact, and so I predict Aj will get stuck between aggressiveness but also being mindful of saving his tank.

I think at some point he will open up and this will be his downfall.

Usyk is too good in my opinion in all areas to be defeated on Saturday night.

My prediction is Usyk will beat Joshua by referee stoppage in rounds 7-9.

I actually hope I am wrong because there is nothing, I'd love to see more than AJ v Fury. I don't think that fight happens without the belts on the line.

Round up

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