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Success leaves clues. I have worked with the elite for many years and have found these things common in every success story.

They say success leaves clues and you should look to those who have walked the path for guidance. While this is true, in some ways, it is also true that you either have to be very good or be first, when it comes to achieving success, especially in business.

Having said that, the elite (and by elite we mean the top 1% in their industry) have things in common. Not just in sport but in all segments of life - corporate, sport, entertainment, business - they all share common grounds.

I have been very fortunate to share time with some elite people. From a coaching standpoint and within my circle, we have successful people who I have learned from.

I share these traits that I am going to explain.

  1. 100% belief - These people have no doubt that they will reach their goal. There is no 2nd place. They genuinely believe they will get to the end point no matter what happens along the way. It's a matter of when, not if.

  2. Hardest workers - nowadays people like to bring up that going hard all the time isn't good and burnout is real (which it is) but if you sit in a room, the hardest work and the most successful will probably be the same person.

  3. They find a way not an excuse - There isn't a thing that could occur that would stop the elite from reaching a goal. In boxing, I have seen athletes train sat down on a car punching a bag with one arm, when they could of had 2 weeks off injured. there is no quit.

  4. They nail the basics - These people do the simple things very very well, all the time. It is as simple as that. They keep doing the easy to do stuff, to a high standard, most of the time.

  5. They are neutral - what I mean by this is they don't overplay success or failures. Most people think they are the shit when things go well and that they are just shit when things don't. The elite stay the same either way. They are unphased.

The good thing here is none of the things above are talent based. They are action based. Being elite isn't a personality trait, it is a skill and like any skill it can be trained.

what would you add?

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